BBC Science Documentary – Cannabis

Do you use cannabis regularly? Are you off to Amsterdam to smoke it legally?
Do you think smoking a spliff regularly in the UK should be treated no differently to regular pints down the pub?
Do you smoke with your friends? Think it helps creativity? Helps you de-stress?

We know that there are positive effects weed can have – pain relief, anxiety relief or sometimes just the giggle you need…
… and we would like to hear from you.
Pioneer Film and Television Productions are producing a new 3 part series about drugs for the BBC and are looking for people to take part in the series as contributors that we follow over a relevant period of time.
This series is an honest and non judgmental look at drugs and the impact they have on the human body. Combining the testimony of cannabis users, medical experts and cutting edge CGI we will explain how drugs create the effects they do.

Please only contact us if you are over 18 and based in the UK.
T: 01753 785 486
Thank you for your time, we look forward to hearing from you.

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The forum is down, I have pulled down the forum because people were just using the site as a way to spam, So the site is now down until I do a new forum with more security!! launch will be soon

Next planned trip to Amsterdam 26th May

Just started to book a trip to Amsterdam for 4 people, check out¬†used these the last two times and the service has been great, i would hate to get to the hotel and find that there is no hotel room booked for us, thank god that has not happen to us.¬† I always¬†phone the hotel 1 week before we arrive just to make sure it’s all sorted, I would always check the hotel reservation if the booking is going through a third party web site.

None profit making (not a business)

Im writing this post because im thinking of advertising the website on Google Adwords and one of the question is about this! so I just thought I would share with the world that we sell no goods, we don’t take money for advertising on this website because we will only advise you the readers our experiences, I hope that people use the information provided.

Launch of the Web Site

Hello visitors to our site!¬† We have launched this website today hoping to provide you with all the information you might require when thinking about travelling to Amsterdam and i can assure you it’s well worth it.¬† We have information on travel plans from the UK to Amsterdam including¬†general flight prices (dependnt on time of year)¬†and any last minute deals the hotels may be offering, so be sure to check back regulary.¬† Maps of the hotels and coffeeshops where we can provide you with some insider knowledge for example where to get the best chronic, the best atmosphere and even the cheaper weed-where don’t be fooled it’s still good weed far better than anyone can offer you in England.¬† Amsterdam however is not¬†just famous for weed and coffeeshops viewers of the website maybe interested on information about the red light district, not as scary as i thought to be honest!¬† We hope you enjoy reading our website and you gain something from it, feel free to¬†print off any information you¬†may need to get around in Amsterdam and don’t hesistate to send us a message or via our forum.¬† Enjoy getting stoned in Amsterdam people!
Me HIGH in Amsterdam but on a cruise boat around the city
HIGH in Amsterdam on a cruise boat around the city

 As you can tell by the picture im very HIGH think this picture was taken after smoking FRUIT CAKE from the Dampkring Coffee Shop just over in the breakfast district.