Coffee Shops


The Dampkring have two coffee shops located in Amsterdam one being situated in the Spui area, near the flower market and is the original Dampkring coffee shop with its traditional bright orange symbol and wooden exterior you cant miss it.

The newer more modern is coffee shop is located in Haarlemmer-straat and is a particular favourite of ours, it has a full glass front which lets in lots of light, it has three floors all complete with a hi-tech video installation. The staff are very friendly and we have met alot of cool people who find it a good place to chill. I recommend the banana milkshake, a real sugary must when smoking such fine weed!

The menu is the best i have seen anywhere, they offer a wide selection to choose from (some of them their own strains) and they give a lovely description of the weed and what high you can expect, they have a real knowledge on all the weed they sell and can advise you on what to try if needed.

GreenHouse Seeds

This coffee shop has three locations, the flagship located in the Red Light district (Top Pictures). It’s one of the most famous in Amsterdam and the walls are adorned with photos of celebrities to prove it. Their weed constantly wins the Cannabis Cup (try the haze).

Cheap drinks help cushion the blow to your wallet. You can’t smoke inside but there are outdoor tables or you can use the free tobacco substitute they provide. The music is eclectic (I heard Pink Floyd and Snoop Dog in the same sitting) and the décor dark and relaxing. They even have a few coves in the wall to relax in.


Located in between Dampkring and the Red Light district, this coffee shop wears multiple hats- it’s a bar, restaurant, and coffee shop. Head downstairs for the coffee shop.

They’ve created a separate smoking area down here so you can light up anything smokeable. Tables are lined together in close quarters, making it easy to meet people. TVs run in the background and music plays over the speakers. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the weed is reasonably priced.