Do’s and Dont’s

The first time we went to Amsterdam it was quite a shock its not this country at all, they have alot of silly rules and being a pedestrian is very scary and no priority is given.  However don’t be put off because with our quick guide you are unlikely to make any of the mistakes we made and your stay in Amsterdam will be mint im sure.



  • Visit the Dampkring coffee shop - a magnificent menu and our favourite place to chill!
  • Visit the Weed Hemp and Marijuana museum - enjoy the surprise!
  • Hiring a bike is the best way to see Amsterdam, cheap, easy and trust me alot easier on the legs.
  • Canal boat Cruise tours are a must, choose from an hour cruise around or maybe a more romantic candlelight cruise later on. We can recommend the pizza cruise as long as you like pizza that is!
  • Breakfast at Barney's is a particular favourite of ours they offer an irish breakfast very similar to an English one really but very very tasty!
  • You can hire a bong from some coffee shops, the Greenhouse seed coffee shop offer a range of bongs to choose (best one in red light district)
  • If using the bus then a 24 hour bus pass is recommended, time doesnt start until you scan your pass on the bus and you get the full 24 hours. The 24 bus pass has to be bought from the information and tourist building at Centraal Station (see map). You cant buy train tickets on the train you have to buy them at the train station and the machines are all in dutch lol but don't worry see ..... and print off our guide where we have a step by step guide to buying your ticket in English.
  • Don't use your phone inside any coffee shop, some are OK with laptops but always ask first.
  • Always close the door behind you when entering a coffee shop - sounds stupid but yeah they really hate it.
  • You must buy a drink if you want to stay and smoke in the coffee shop.
  • Never have your cigarette box on the table or in site of staff and really they prefer it if you rip the filter off too(its ok to smoke weed but any sign of smoking cigarettes inside is really bad news). They provide tobacco substitute in most coffee shops but i wouldnt recommend this. Cigarettes can be smoked outside and weed can only be smoked inside-this is very important!